Friday, April 9, 2010


The Science of Miracles The Science of Miracles

I watched the dvd by Gregg Braden " The Science of Miracles" and in response am inspired to write the following words. Words are only words but as I say them and write them down and release them they become my reality and my emotions and my truly felt experience.

"If it is true and I embrace the reality that what I feel, my emotions, the thoughts of my mind, create my universe, then within me is the power to chose positive thoughts of love, healing, joy and happiness. I am filled with happiness, joy, peace and healing. I now feel that joy, my heart leaps with the thrill of life and from me flows positive energy, love and happiness. Peace is upon me, surrounds me and enlightens me and all I come into contact with. I share and release this positive energy with and to all beings in the universe right now."

Thanks for the inspiration: Gregg Braden

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