Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love myself, am lovable and deserve to be loved!

Even though the desire to find love is deep and real sometimes it is the belief in one’s self that is the biggest hurdle placed in the path of finding that someone to love. If you do not feel worthy of love or say words about yourself and others that in fact hinder attracting that someone special to yourself you could be encouraging the very thoughts that turn people from you or place doubt in your mind that someone is out there for you. As yourself if you say the following:

- Does Mr right exist, where is he?

- Nobody finds me attractive!- I always get hurt and am left disappointed and alone.

- I wonder if I deserve to be love it must be that something is wrong with me!

- When is someone going to appear in my life for me?

- If I say I am HIV + they run!

- He is too clever, sexy, he will not be interested in me!

- I want to find the man of my dreams!

All of these words might be very real and your current experience but if you remain fixed in then and repeat them they will become the path you are choosing for yourselves. You see you can want something with all your heart and head and continue to say the words “I WANT, I WANT”. Every time you say you want you are acknowledging that you do not have.

Now consider this lets want in one hand and spit in another! Come on “want in one and spit in the other” …… now tell me which hand will become full first the hand filled with ‘want’ or the hand overflowing with spit.

In the same way saying, I want, might actually be reinforcing the very elements and realities in the universe that are limiting or stopping you from getting what you want to begin with.

I know this is how we are programmed to think or taught to respond. But what if by simply changing what we say we could trigger and re programme our belief about ourselves and start a process that can bring about profound change in our lives?

What if by, instead of using negative words about relationships and love we begin by saying positive things about ourselves, love and relationships could our words begin to change what we believe about ourselves and allow the universe to release the powers to actually make these words become our reality and lives experiences? This sounds too simple, too easy, it could never work! Yet are not your words a manifestation of what you believe and in fact your reality.

Let’s start today to reprogram the mind by starting with the words we use and say and so instead of saying “I want” let’s replace it with “I am” using affirmations to change the program of the mind.

Affirmations might just be positive statement s but when you replace your negative thoughts with positive affirmations and allow them to grow from words into what you believe about yourself they become an unstoppable force … an energy that will bring about the changes in your life that you so deeply desire.

Here are some affirmations for love and relationships:

I live in harmony and balance with everyone I know.

I love myself therefore I attract loving people into my life

I release the past and I am free to love fully in the present.

I love myself and am free.

I am loveable and able to give and receive love.

The more love I give the more I receive in return the supply is endless.

Repeat these to yourself daily again and again as if with every word said you are watering the seeds that you have planted, in faith, knowing that if you care and tend for these seeds they will grew and flower and become the reality of your life.

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