Friday, October 16, 2009



The question is who must do the telling and who must do the asking? Or who is more responsible for stopping the spread of HIV is it all up to the HIV infected person or does the HIV negative person also have equal responsibility.

I wish to put forward that both have equal responsibility. Neither one more than the other. An HIV+ person that knows their status is in a more empowered position to ensure that they protect others. Often the "HIV-" person has never even been tested or has not been tested for years and yet engages in unprotected sex. Ask them if they are positive and they say NO. This type of ignorance is bliss, syndrome is madness! And then have you not heard someone asking a casual partner the question; "Are you clean? What the hell does that mean?? Yes I shower twice a day I am spotlessly CLEAN!!!

Saying I am negative when I have never had an HIV test is as much a lie as saying I am negative when I know I am positive.

So both HIV+ individuals need to take action to stop spreading the virus. Nobody in South Africa can expect to have unprotected sex and think that they are not at risk of becoming infected. South Africa has over 6million HIV+ infected people.What are your thoughts on this issue?? Add to the discussion as the debate will always help others to think and decide on the action they should take to become part of the solution and not blindly and blissfully ignore that it exists.

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