Friday, February 13, 2009

Letter of thanks to the Ripple Effect

Dear Ripple Effect, Life always seems to bring special moments along just when one needs them most. I am reminded of a book that I read when I was still a child about a Jewish family living in Holland during the holocaust and how the two daughters ended up in a concentration camp after their parents where shot dead in front of them. The eldest child clung to two lessons her father had taught her and survived this ordeal through her faith. The first teaching was that often when things seems really difficult and times are hard and we just cannot understand why certain things are happening to us it is only because we cannot see the designers hand at work. Her father went on to explain that as a child when sitting at her mothers feet and watching her mother making a tapestry all she could see as a child was the knots and loose ends at the bottom of the tapestry and it was only when the tapestry was completed and presented that as a child she could see that all the knots and loose ends actually on the top of the tapestry made up a beautiful picture. In the same way we at times cannot see what God can see and can only see from below the knots and loose ends.

Her father also had taught her a further lesson and that was that often we are given strength and encouragement just at the right time often when things are hard and we are feeling like giving up. One day when she was little she kept on begging to be shown and given the tickets for train trip to Amsterdam and her father said that he would only give them to her when the time was right and they needed them on the platform or on request by the train conductor. In the same way that God gives us the strength to endure when we need that strength most.

For me the Special Soul Award comes at such a time. Thank you for this special gesture, which I gladly and humbly accept. The award to me is a gift meant to inspire me to continue and endure as together our souls will, through love for each other, inspire people to remain positively alive as we struggle to live and face the epidemic of HIV and AIDS. Let us all in the spirit of the Ripple Effect continue to commit to random acts of kindness.

Love and Light
Positively Alive

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